Recognize the role of snare proteins in vesicle

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Unformatted text preview: cessed   Ader translaKon on ribosomes in the cytosolic compartment all proteins are processed either in the cytosol or in the ER/ Golgi system.   The iniKal stages of protein processing involve folding.   Remember that folding of proteins takes place through interacKon with chaperone proteins.   Proteins that are not properly folded are destroyed.  In the cytosol compartment they are tagged with ubiquiKn and destroyed by proteasomes.  In the ER, improperly folded proteins are returned to the cytosol and destroyed in the same way as are improperly folded cytosolic proteins. Learning Outcomes: Vesicle Transport   Discuss vesicle formaKon and targeKng.   Explain the role of coat proteins in cargo selecKon and concentraKon.   Discuss how the orientaKon of membrane proteins in the lipid bilayer...
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