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The inikal stages of protein processing involve

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Unformatted text preview: f there is a N- terminal signal sequence (a.k.a N- terminal Start Transfer Sequence) the N- terminal end of the protein will be in the ER lumen.   Proteins can be inserted into membranes in any orientaKon depending on the occurrence and placing of Signal pepKde, Start, and Stop transfer sequences   Both the Start and Stop Transfer Sequences are membrane crossing domains.   The N- terminal sequence is always cleaved. The others always remain. Ader translaKon on ribosomes all proteins are processed in the cytosol (cytosolic proteins)   Folding   Covalent modificaKon (phosphorylaKon, acetylaKon, methylaKon)   Cleavage In the ER/Golgi system (proteins of the endomembrane system)   Folding   Disulfide bond formaKon   Covalent modificaKon   GlycosylaKon Summary of processing of proteins in the ER   All proteins are pro...
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