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Figure 13 63 molecular biology of the cell garland

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Unformatted text preview: vesicle release. •  Vesicle formaEon does not require coat proteins. •  Also called the default secretory pathway. What would you expect to be secreted by this pathway? Figure 13- 63 Molecular Biology of the Cell (© Garland Science 2008) Fig. 15- 27 (15- 28 2nd ediEon): ConsEtuEve SecreEon Example: secreEon of the cell wall in plants (and fungi) R.E. Young L. Samuels Images of cell wall secreHon in Arabidopsis ConsEtuEve SecreEon Example: Mammalian extracellular matrix secreEon Fibroblasts in connecEve Essue secrete extracellular matrix collagen fibroblast Figure 20- 10 (21- 10 2nd ediEon) Regulated SecreEon •  Vesicles only released when a specific signal is received (binding of hormone, acEon potenEal, etc.) •  Vesicle formaEon also does not require coat proteins. •  pH is thought to play a role in the formaEon of vesicles as these proteins tend to aggregate at low pH. Figure 13- 63 Molecular Biology of th...
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