Interpret experiments that illustrate the structure

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Unformatted text preview: Learning Outcomes for this Topic:   Trace a soluble protein from its origin to the cell exterior; a membrane protein from origin to the cell surface via each of the consEtuEve and regulated secretory pathways.   Compare and contrast consEtuEve and regulated secreEon and be able to explain the importance of each.   Interpret experiments that illustrate the structure and funcEon of the endomembrane system.   Discuss the structure, including the digesEve enzymes, and funcEon of lysosomes.   Trace a lysosomal protein from its synthesis to the lysosome.   Explain how the endomembrane system isolates biochemical funcEons within membrane bound compartments such as lysosomes. Study Guide:  Know the experimental setups used to study the endomembrane pathway, and be able to design an experiment to study a process by using the tools discussed in this lecture – autoradiography (pulse- chase), using temp...
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