A true b false figure 13 3b molecular biology of the

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Unformatted text preview: with endosome or •  Autophagosome → pH lowers → Ac>ve diges>on occurs. •  Appear heterogeneous in TEM. Fuseable. •  Can be quite large. Learning Outcomes for Endocytosis:  Trace a molecule from the extracellular media to the lysosome along the endocy>c pathway.  Explain with examples the role of receptor proteins in secre>on and endocytosis.   Compare and contrast receptor recycling in the lysosomal and endocyto>c pathways. Cons>tu>ve Secre>on leads to uncontrolled increases in the PM size and thereby the cell size. A.  True B.  False Figure 13- 3b Molecul...
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