Autophagy digest cellular components membrane

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Unformatted text preview: s because there are no lysosomal enzymes to degrade it. B.  Lysosomal enzymes lack a mannose-6-P tag so they don’t get activated by low pH. C.  Lysosomal enzymes don’t leave the Golgi. D.  Mannose-6-phosphate receptor in the TGN doesn’t recognize enzymes for sorting due to lack of Man6P Lysosomal Diges>on: Some Defini>ons   Heterophagy: digest material brought into the cell by Endocytosis.   Autophagy: digest cellular components. Membrane surrounds part of the cell to be digested – Autophagosome.   Autolysis: Cell death. Lysosomal membranes rupture and cell is digested.   Primary lysosome – contain inac>ve hydrolase enzymes   Secondary lysosome – from Fusion...
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