There are no specic receptors for uptake of

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Unformatted text preview: onal Phagocytes”: 1.  Macrophages 2.  Neutrophils 3.  Dendri>c cells Ingest cellular debris (aging and dead cells) and invading microbes Inges>ng an invading bacteria Role in:   Defense   Scavenging/cleaning up PM of macrophage Fig. 15- 32 Listeria bacteria taken up by endocytosis – evades the host path to lysosomes Fluorescent photomicrograph of an>gen- presen>ng cells aier engulfing wild- type L. monocytogenes. The bacteria (green) escape the engulfing lysosome to propagate within the cytoplasm. (Nuclei are stained blue). Nature Biotechnology 23, 645 - 647 (2005) ECB DVD 17.12 2. Pinocytosis = Cons>tu>ve Endocytosis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinocytosis   This process is no...
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