Cell walls are thick but flexible used as support

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Unformatted text preview: ble fruits and vegetables. • Collenchyma: Long cells that are alive at maturity, but no longer divide. Cell walls are thick, but flexible. Used as support cells. Examples: Celery strings. • Sclerenchyma: Cells that may be long and stringy or short and blocky, but have thick cell wall stiffened with lignin. Used as support. Examples: “pear grit” (the gritty cells in the flesh of pears), plant fibers such as linen and hemp, cells that form nut shells. • Vascular tissue • Xylem: composed of hollow, dead cells that transport water and dissolved minerals from roots to leaves. Notes Biology 103, Spring 2008 Dr. Karen Bledsoe http://www.wou.edu/~bledsoek/ • Phloem: made up of living cells that transport dissolved sugars either up or down plant as needed. • Plant organs: • Leaves: made up of a blade and a petiole. On the underside, stomata, allow air into and out of the spongy ground tissue, the mesophyl, where photosynthesis takes place. Vascular bundles bring water into a leave, and carry sugars away. • Stems: supports the leaves and...
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