Woody stems show secondary growth and build up layers

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Unformatted text preview: raised them up into the sunlight. Some stems have photosynthetic tissue, and all have vascular tissue for moving water and sap. Woody stems show secondary growth, and build up layers of old xylem (wood) and old phloem (bark). • Roots: anchor a plant, absorb water and dissolved minerals from the soil, and may store starch. Fine root hairs increase the surface area of the roots, increasing the amount of water they can absorb. Common misconceptions: • Cartoons sometimes depict trees or other plants shooting up out of the ground, as though material is being shoved up from the bottom. In fact, all plants, including trees, grow from the tips outward. • Because humans use many different plant products, from fruits to fibers, it’s easy to forget that the plants produce these products for their own benefit, not ours. As you study the different plant tissues, consider how they are useful to the plant. Reading notes: • Sketch a generalized plant and label these parts: apical meristem, terminal bud, lateral bud, nod...
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