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Unformatted text preview: wing review questions: 1. How is time measured? Provide some examples. 2. What is carbon‐14 and how does it differ from carbon‐12? 3. How is carbon‐14 formed? Where is it formed on planet Earth? What element is C‐14 derived from? 4. What is the ratio of C‐14 to C‐12 atoms in the recent, natural world. 5. True or False: C‐14 is stable and does not decay to a daughter isotope? 6. What is the half‐life of C‐14? How is this information used to measure the age of Earth materials. 7. What type of materials are amenable to C‐14 dating? 8. True or False: geologists must be knowledgeable in chemistry to be able to underst...
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