9 thestudyofrocklayeringisreferredtoas 10

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Unformatted text preview: s is constant and of known time increments? 8. Who was William Smith? What is his claim to fame as one of the grandfathers of geology? 9. The study of rock layering is referred to as ___________________. 10. True or False: tectonic uplift of the land surface encourages erosion and stripping of rock record. 11. True or False: sinking and lowering of land encourages sediment deposition and recording of geologic time. 12. List the four broad Eras of geologic time, from oldest to youngest. 13. What are index fossils? How are they used? Provide an example. 14. What is an isotope? Define and provide examples 15. What is radioactivity and how does it related to the concept of “half‐life”? 16. True or False: all radioa...
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