If the image was adjusted just a small amount its

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Unformatted text preview: adjusted to fit the paper, so it may not represent precisely the scale the designer intended to use. If the image was adjusted just a small amount, its accuracy would be in doubt. Therefore, the dimensions written on the plans should be used. Example A fire sprinkler contractor submits drawings with the branch lines marked as follows: 8´6˝ You apply your scale to verify the dimensions, and discover the sprinklers are 10 feet apart based on your scale. How do you reconcile the difference? The correct answer is 8 feet, 6 inches, because the written dimensions always take precedence over scaled measurements. In this example, you likely would obtain inaccurate scaled dimensions anywhere on the drawings when using your scale tool.  Activity answers (Note: Your answers may be slightly different from these due to margins of error among scale tools.) 1. Height = 5 feet, width = 21 feet, 6 inches 2. Height = 12 feet, width = 33 feet, 4 inches 3. Using the engineer scale tool, you must first establish which scale was selected. By rotating the scale tool until you align it with a known dimension (55 feet), you will see that the selected scale is 1 inch = 50 feet. Applying the scale tool to the outer edges of the rectangles reveals they are spaced 70 feet apart. 4. Tank No. 1 = 105 feet Tank No. 4 = 44 feet Tank No. 2 = 90 feet Tank No. 5 = 32 feet Tank No. 3 = 99 feet Tank No. 6 = 62 feet 5. 86 feet 6. 53 feet ...
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