It should be used only for measuring 1 identify the

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Unformatted text preview: should never use your scale to draw lines. It should be used only for measuring.  1. Identify the scale shown on the plans by the architect, engineer or fire protection contractor (i.e., 1/8 = 1 foot; 1:40). 2. Select the object you wish to measure, and select the appropriate architect or engineer scale (tool). 3. Align your scale tool with the selected scale to verify they match. During blueprint reproduction, the image size may be adjusted to fit the paper so it may not represent precisely the scale the designer intended to use. 4. Correctly align the “0” with one end of the object as a starting point, and identify the object’s end point. The corresponding number on the scale tool represents the object’s length when built. Example No. 1: The drawings state that the scale is 1/8 inch equals 1 foot. Using your architect scale, select the face of the tool with the 1/8 mark in the upper left-hand corner. Lay the “0” point at the extreme left end of this line, and read the corresponding value at the right...
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