The design concept is transferred to a set of plans

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Unformatted text preview: andards. The design concept is transferred to a set of plans (drawings) that provide a two- or three-dimensional representation of the project.  Since it would be impractical to create full-size drawings for these objects, they are reduced to a manageable size (scale) so they can be studied. A set of plans may include a variety of different scales, depending upon what objects are being rendered. The selected scale normally is found in the title block in the lower right hand corner of the drawings, but may be found anywhere on the plans. You may find more than one scale on a single sheet when there are “details,” parts of the objects that are enlarged for clearer explanation. In order to interpret the size of what the renderings represent, the plan reviewer must use a tool called a “scale.” The word “scale” is used synonymously to represent the tool and the size reduction in the drawing. The scale tool provides a quick method for measuring the object and interpreting its eventual size when finished. Selecting the Correct Tool Traditional scales are prism-shaped tools that look similar to the rulers you may have us...
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