2014-hw#2-power generation cost-revised

How about a good oil well or gas well 5 research on

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Unformatted text preview: lecture. 3. Comment on how the average and good gas versus oil well compares with regard to power. 4. Find the current WTI oil price and natural gas price for the United States. What is the expected income per day for the average oil well and the average gas well? How about a good oil well or gas well? 5. Research on the web or other sources to find the efficiency of electricity generation for gas and coal- fired power plants (i.e., how many Joules of gas or coal fuel does it take to produce a Joule of electric energy). Also look up the average utilization factor for wind and solar power in either Texas or the United States (how much actual electricity is generated as compared to the installed capacity). 6. Taking into account efficiency i...
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