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Unformatted text preview: ly porosity? a. 2.3% b. 100% c. 21% d. 4.7% e. 41% 21. The oil window a. represents the temperatures required to crack kerogen into oil. b. is typically deeper than 50km. c. has temperatures hotter than the gas window. d. is typically only achieved in Quaternary or younger rocks. e. all of the above. 22. The diagram to right represents an a. an anticlinal structural trap. b. a stratigraphic trap caused by a sand pinchout. c. a stratigraphic trap caused by an unconformity. d. a fault‐related structural trap. 23. If gasoline were priced at the same $/BTU as natural gas, and assuming gasoline has the same energy density as crude oil, what should be the price per gallon of gasoline given natural gas costs $3.00/Mscf? a. $3.00/gallon b. $17.40/gallon c. $0.41/gallon d. $0.05/gallon 24. A big problem with depending on wind and solar as a primary electricity source is a. the lack of a large scale electricity storage solution. b. the lack of adequate sunshine and wind in much of the United Stat...
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