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Unformatted text preview: es. c. wind and solar has the wrong voltage for the US electric grid. d. the conversion of wind and solar energy has too low of a BOE equivalent to be economic. 25. The film of water that coats the grains in the rock even after petroleum has migrated into the pores is best described as a. connate water b. kerogen c. wetting water d. edge water 4 26. If a continental rift basin were to fill with freshwater, the most likely kerogen type formed would be a. type I b. type II c. type III d. type IV e. none of the above. 27. Kerogen that is from terrestrial plants is most likely to generate gas only (no oil) when it matures. True (A) or False (B) 28. There are no oilfields in Texas that have a billion barrels or more of original oil‐in‐place. True (A) or False (B) 29. A reasonable initial GOR based on your study of major Texas oilfields could be a. .5 psi/ft b. 200% c. 5% d. 1000 scf/bbl e. 1,000,000 scf/bbl 30. UTM is a. a coordinate system that uses latitude and longitude to locate a point. b. is a three dime...
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