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Unformatted text preview: bls/day c. 16.5 MMbbls/day d. 10.1 MMbbls/day 3. We discussed the 2010 annual gas production from the Barnett Shale (the entire field, not a single well). What would this number be in BOE/day? a. 2 MMBOE/day b. 850 MBOE/day c. 520 BOE/day d. 1.4 BOE/day 4. Translate the 2011 Texas gas production average rate into watts. a. 274 GW. b. 274 MW. c. 24 MW. d. 24 GW. e. 7500 MW. 5. The top 4 oil producing regions/states does not include which one of the following? a. Texas b. North Dakota c. Wyoming d. Federal offshore 1 6. The top 4 gas producing states/regions does not include which one of the following? a. Alaska b. Wyoming c. Colorado d. North Dakota 7. Technically recoverable reserves are a. those reserves that can be recovered under current economic and operating conditions. b. the same as proved reserves. c. the same as “in‐place” hydrocarbons. d. those resources that are producible with current technology without reference to economics. 8. In electricity generation in the United States based on the 2011 data, a....
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