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Unformatted text preview: 70 GW b. 11,000 MW c. 239 GW d. 47 GW 17. The American Wind Energy Association reports that Texas gets 6.9% of its electric power from wind. Texas wind capacity is 11 GW. Convert 11 GW into an oil equivalent power rating. a. 1900 BOE/day b. 155 MBOE/day c. 56 MMBOE d. 164 MMBOE/day 18. Which of the following countries is ranked in the top 3 for both wind and solar capacity? a. Germany b. United States c. China d. none of the above e. all of the above 19. Karst is a. a type of porosity typically found in sandstones due to fracturing. b. something that typically forms in carbonate rocks at shallow depth. c. secondary porosity formed by the circulation of freshwater into rocks at depths greater than 1000 ft. d. a form of primary intergranular porosity that forms at the time of deposition. 3 20. A sandstone made up of quartz grains and quartz cement has a bulk density of 2.3 g/cc. The pores are filled to 100% saturation with a brine similar to what you used in lab. What is the sandstone’s like...
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