Woodisthesecondmostimportantcontributingfuel b

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Unformatted text preview: more energy is wasted than actually gets to the end‐user (consumer). b. oil is an insignificant fuel source. c. nuclear provides about the same fraction of electricty as natural gas generation. d. coal is the primary fuel source. e. all of the above. 9. With regard to renewable energy sources, a. wood is the second most important contributing fuel. b. geothermal provides significantly more energy than solar. c. wind is the least important renewable energy source. d. hydroelectric is the most likely energy source to grow in the future. e. all of the above. 10. Assuming a solar energy resource of 5 kWh/m2/day, if I covered my 1,000 acre ranch with solar panels of 35% efficiency, how much power might I be able to produce? a. 295,000 kW b. 7.1x106 kWh c. 300 kWh d. 107 MW 11. Most of the reservoir rocks in the Permian basin from which oil is produced a. outcrop at the surface in the Midland basin area. b. are Tertiary or Quaternary in age. c. are on the order of 250 million years old. d. are sandstones. 12. A reasonable porosity value f...
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