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2 vsepr theory molecules with expanded valence shells

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Unformatted text preview: Geometries Step 1: Draw the Lewis structure Step 2: Count the total number of electron pairs around the central atom Step 3: Arrange the electron pairs in one of the above geometries to minimize e--e- repulsion (Multiple bonds count as one bonding pair) Step 4: determine molecular geometry NH 3 Predicting Predicting Molecular Geometry Molecules with more than one central atoms more H H O C C H O H 9.3 9.3 Polarity of Molecules A covalent bond is POLAR when the bonding electrons are not shared equally Dipole Moment ≠ 0 1) Diatomic molecules: polar bonds always result in an overall dipole overall moment. moment. 9.3 Polarity of Molecules 2) Polyatomic Molecules: 2) Polyatomic O C O O Non-polar S polar polar 9.3 Polarity of Molecules 2) Polyatomic Molecules: 2) CH4 CH3Cl CH2Cl2 CHCl3 CCl4 non-polar polar polar polar non-polar 9.3 Polarity of Molecules Alkanes Tetrahedral C2H6 Alkenes Alkenes C2H4 Alkynes C2H2 Trigonal planer planer linear...
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