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Bond length o s o o o s o s o bond order order 15

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Unformatted text preview: e represented accurately by only one Lewis structure. Bond length O- S = O O O = S- O S O Bond order order: ~1.5 bonds Horse Donkey Mule It is not a horse. It is not a donkey. It is a mule. Resonance Structure of O3 O O + - - O O O O + O O O One and a half bonds Common examples: NO3-, CO32-, NO2 , and benzene and benzene Discussion: Lewis structure of Benzene Example: Example: Benzene Benzene German Organic Chemist Experimentally, the C-C bonds in benzene are all the same length Lewis Lewis Structure of SO2 Three resonance structure of SO2: Exception of octet rule Lewis Structure of SO421. Total the electrons. total = 32 2. Write a possible arrangement. 3. Spread the electrons to satisfy octets to of atoms bonded to the central atom 4. Formal charges O OSO O Lewis Lewis Structure of SO2, SO32-, SO42SO Exceptions Exceptions to the Octet Rule 1. Less than an octet BeH2 BF3 : B lacks octet Less than an octet H Be H Less than an octet Exceptions Exceptions to the Octet Rule 2. Odd-Electron Molecules OddOddOdd-electron atom NO N NO2 O Exceptions Exceptions to the Octet Rule 3. More than an Octet Occur with elements of the 3rd period and beyond 3rd beyond (central atom with principal quantum number n ≥ 3 principal Such as P, S and Cl) and Cl SF6 F F F S exceeds octet S F PCl5 F F Extra electrons occupy the empty d orbitals (3d) empty Exceptions to the Octet Rule 3. More than an Octet Expanded octet also occurs more often with larger larger atoms. (Such as Br, I) (Such Br I) ICl4- AsF6FF As F F F More room around these large atoms to accommodate accommodate extra electrons F...
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