Let us know the amount of useful work to expect from

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Unformatted text preview: place Can make use of this tendency to work for us. Let us know the amount of useful work to expect from a reaction. What is the maximum the amount amount of work I can get out of one tank of gasoline? gasoline Thermodynamics Useful work obtained spontaneous through a spontaneous combustion reaction of gasoline Thermodynamics Thermodynamics A study of energy flow as well as how much energy can be converted to useful work Laws of Thermodynamics show that spontaneity is is predictable by predictable by considering two factors: ENTHALPY& ENTROPY ENTROPY H S Enthalpy Change (∆H) : total energy energy difference between reactants & products Entropy (S) : randomness (S) factor accounts for energy lost in the process Gibbs Free Energy (G) : net amount available Energy for (G) useful work after considering the two factors Entropy Entropy Entropy (S) : a measure of the randomness or disorder randomness of a system order disorder S ∆S = S final - Sinitial S ∆S>0 If a change results in an increase in randomness Sinitial < Sfinal Entropy, Entropy, S Entropy : a thermodynamic quantity, similar to enthalpy ∆S = S final - Sinitial • A state function: – the change of entropy (∆S) depends ...
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