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Unformatted text preview: only on the initial and final states of the system • not on the path it takes to change states • An extensive property : its value depends on the quantity (mass, mole) of a substance. S(of 1mole O 2 (g)) < S(of 2 mole O 2 (g)) Entropy Entropy 1. For any substance: H 2 O (s) H 2 O (l) → ∆S>0 Ssolid < Sliquid << Sgas Entropy Entropy 2. For a substance in the same state: Shigh Temperature > Slow Temperature For liquid H 2 O(l): S80° C >S50° C 3. In dissolving process: Solute: in much more random and disordered state. Water: hydration process, in more ordered state. Net result: depends! In generally: ∆S (dissolving) > 0 Entropy Entropy Boltzman : the entropy (S) of a system is related to the natural log of the number of microstates (W). S = k ⋅ ln W ∆S = S final − Sinitial ∆S = S final − Sinitia...
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