05 40 for liquid and solid ion dipole hydrogen bond

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Unformatted text preview: ipole-induced dipole 2-10 London dispersion forces 0.05-40 For liquid and solid: Ion-dipole > Hydrogen bond > Dipole-dipole > IonIonHydrogen DipoleIoninduced dipole > Dipole-induced dipole Dipole- Sample Exercise 11.1 Comparing Intermolecular Forces The dipole moments of acetonitrile, CH3CN, and methyl iodide, CH3I, are 3.9 D and 1.62 D, respectively. (a) what kinds of intermolecular forces exist among their molecules respectively? (b) Which of these substances has greater dipole–dipole attractions among its molecules? (c) Which of these substances has greater London dispersion attractions? (d) The boiling points of CH3CN and CH3I are 354.8 K and 315.6 K, respectively. Which substance has the greater greater overall attractive forces? (a) (b) Dipole–dipole attractions increase as the dipole moment of the molecule increases. CH3CN has a greater dipole–dipole attractions among its molecules (c) The more massive molecule generally has the stronger dispersion attractions. CH3I :? CH3I : 142.0 g/mol CH3I : 354.8K CH3 41.0 CH3CN: CN: ?g/mol CH3CN: 315.6K Sample exercises: List the following substances in an order of increasing boiling points: BaCl2, H2, CO, HF and Ne The The boiling point depends in part on the intermolecular in intermolecular forces in the liquid BaCl2, H2, CO, HF , Ne 2 28 20 20 BaCl2, > Boiling Points: 1813K HF > CO 293K 83K > Ne > H2 27K 20K Properties Properties of the Liquid Liquid The forces that hold a liquid together result in forces several properties properties Viscosity - Resistance to flow. Surface Tension - Attraction of molecules at the surface. surface. Vapor Pressure - Ability for molecules to escape from a liquid. Boiling Point - When the vapor pressure is the same as atmospheric (1 atm). Viscosity Viscosity-The Properties of Liquids Viscosity: the resistance of a liquid to flow the Viscosity describes a fluid's internal resistance to flo...
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