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Who was Justin Martyr and why is he important? According to the introduction in the book St. Justin Martyr Dialogue with Trypho , it is believed that Justin Martyr was a Greek-speaking Roman citizen who converted to Christianity from the pagan tradition his parents raised him in. Little is known about his life except for what is found in his writings. Justin is important because his writings are the earliest apologies that have survived. His writings seek to prove to everyone, from emperors to everyday citizens that the Christian way of life is the best path the salvation. In the Dialogue with Trypho Justin debates Trypho, a well-respected Jewish scholar, on the topic of why Christianity is “right” and Judaism is “wrong”. Justin seeks to use the Old Testament to
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Unformatted text preview: uncover hypocritical passages and practices that Jews practice and to show how Christianity provides a better framework of life. Justin rejects the idea that the Jews are the chosen people and believes that anyone should be able to be saved, not just those born into Judaism. Furthermore, he criticizes many Jewish people for cursing Christians and not repenting the death of Christ. He ends the dialogue by claiming that all Christians pray for the Jews and for everyone, for Christ taught them to pray for everyone, even their enemies. His writings represent the earliest Christian writings on the Bible and help to uncover the reasons that Jews and Christians disagree on portions of the Bible....
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