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Unformatted text preview: ing process [see that it has a large footprint to achieve the required inductance Fig. 9(a)]. This process will be discussed in detail in future pubvalue [23]. As an example, Fig. 8 shows the microscopic lications. Next, PDMA is implemented after all the fabrication picture of a voltage controlled oscillator circuit chip with steps are finished [see Fig. 9(b)]. The geometric parameters of two integrated planar spiral inductors. Each inductor has an the planar spiral inductor are specially designed so that the rest inductance value of only 7 nH. However, the two inductors angle of the inductor after the assembly is almost 90 . However, the substrate loss and parasitics can still be reduced even if the occupy most of the chip area. High-Q, Microcoils inductor stays In recent years, much effort has been made to reduce the[PARC Research] at an angle smaller than 90 off the substrate. The vertical inductors offer two major advantages over the adverse effects from the substrate so as to improve the performance of planar spiral inductors. The methods reported so horizontal ones. First, the vertical inductors have almost zero far include using high resistive substrate [24], coating poly- footprints. This will help to increase the achievable device denimide to increase thickness of the dielectric layer underneath sity and lower the fabrication cost of a radio frequency (RF) the inductor [25], partially or completely removing the sub- circuit chip. Second, the substrate effect is also greatly reduced. measurement results of one strate material underneath the inductor [26]. More recently, sur- Fig. 10(a) and (b) shows the face micromachining technology has been applied in the fabri- planar spiral inductor before and after the assembly. Although cation of planar spiral inductors to create an air gap between the the design and fabrication of the planar spiral inductor is not opinductor and substrate [27]. These methods may involve cer- timized, our measurement result has clearly shown that the intain materials or fabrication steps, which are...
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