Essentially this is a magnetic based self assembly

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Unformatted text preview: intense magnetic field to ‘lift’ or ‘bend out-of plane’ magnetic beams. Essentially, this is a magnetic-based ‘self assembly’ process. © N. Dechev, University of Victoria [Fig. 8.14 from ‘Foundations of MEMS’, Chang Liu] 12 Self-Assembly of 3D Micro-inductors This magnetic-based assembly process can be used to create outof-plane micro-inductors, such as the ones shown below: ZOU et al.: PDMA OF OUT-OF-PLANE MICROSTRUCTURES: TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATION (a) 307 (b) Fig. 9. The application of PDMA to realize vertical planar spiral inductor. (a) Scanning electron micrograph of aand Jóse E. Schutt-Ainé] PDMA, Plastic Deformation Magnetic Assembly [Jun Zou, Jack Chen, Chang Liu, planar spiral inductor fabricated on the substrate surface before the PDMA assembly; (b) Scanning electron micrograph of the same inductor after the PDMA assembly. © N. Dechev, University of Victoria (a) Fig. 10. The measured 13 (b) Self-Assembly of 3D Micro-inductors parameter (0–1.1 GHz) of a planar spiral inductor before and after the PDMA assembly: (a) magnitude and (b) phase. inductor. Although planar spiral inductors can be integrated of the methods mentioned above has solved the large footprint Another interesting type of micro-coil is created using bi-metallic with other circuits using current standard integrated circuit (IC) problem of planar spiral inductors. structures, that is still unsatisf to the We have successfully applied the PDMA to assemble vertical fabrication process, their performance deform dueactory. application of heat: Oftentimes, planar spiral inductors are directly fabricated onto planar spiral inductors. The entire process is compatible with the dielectric layer on top of the conductive substrate, which present standard IC fabrication. The inductor can be monolithilowers the quality factors and degrades the performance by cally integrated with other circuits even after the IC components introducing extra loss, noise and parasitic capacitance [22]. have been fabricated. First, the planar spiral inductors are fabriAnother disadvantage of a planar spiral inductor lies in the fact cated by using a standard surface micromachin...
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