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Unformatted text preview: What is/are the meaning/s of Jewish circumcision? There are a plethora of meanings of Jewish circumcision as evidenced by the many different assertions found in the scriptures. The clearest meaning of circumcision comes from Genesis 17:11 where God commands Abraham to circumcise himself in exchange for fecundity and land. Even though Abraham is at the time ninety-nine years old, he circumcises himself. God, in turn, fulfills his side of the promise and Abraham miraculously produces more sons, all of which he circumcises as a sign of the covenant. The agreement brokered between Abraham and God is sacred and God wishes it to be carried out in the years to come. If the meaning is derived from this passage then the act of circumcision is to show one’s dedication to god and asserting one’s agreement of the covenant. This view is further supported by the fact that circumcision in the Jewish culture occurs on the eighth day of the life of a boy, so that the covenant is established early, unlike in other cultures where circumcision occurs as a puberty...
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