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Examples 1 turning off cell phones pagers other sound

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Unformatted text preview: 90.99 Exam #2: 10% of grade B D 64 – 67.99 84 – 87.99 Exam #3 (Final): 10% of grade B- D- 61 – 63.99 81 – 83.99 EXTRA- CREDIT - reading up to 5% F < 60.99 COURSE POLICIES Extra assistance: The preferred method for obtaining extra assistance is to attend office hours. If you cannot attend office hours, send an e- mail or phone message to set up an appointment. Another great way to get answers to your questions is with the web page discussion board. Fellow students, the TAs, and the instructor will check these daily and you usually will have an answer in a few hours. Email: When you send the instructor an email, please use the following subject line: ATMS 120 Sec. X: Subject Where “X” is your section (A or C) and “Subject” is your personalized subject line. Class courtesy: You are in a large lecture class and are expected to be respectful of fellow students, and the instructor. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from class. Examples: 1...
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