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Unformatted text preview: cises (ICEs) Each class I will embed several i- clicker questions that will work with my lecture to ensure you are following the material. To earn credit for the these questions you simply need to answer the questions, not get them correct and you must answer both the first and last i- clicker questions for each class. Please register your i- clicker ASAP an- iclicker (25% of your final grade) Online Homework will consist of assigned problems to be completed and submitted online. There will be six online homework assignments. There will be a strict due date and time by which you must submit your answers online. Computer glitches, compass problems etc. will not serve as excuses. These assignments will not be accepted late so start them early! (20% of your final grade) A Weekly Challenge Problem will be given every Tuesday and is to be completed by the following Tuesday to be turned at the start of class. These problems are to be solved on paper and turned in at the beginning of class. (25% of your final grade) Extra- Credit Reading Assignments will be assigned twice per week and will consist of 5 questions directly from the read...
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