State:Failed state

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Unformatted text preview: g sense of nationalism within the country (need to share language, religion, race. Etc.).  ­You need war to turn African failed states into efficient ones.  ­Counter ­example  ­Is there any country that was never invaded/any region that never had major wars but had effective states?  ­Is there any country that is equally warring but fails to consolidate its system  ­Is there any country that is doing ok?  ­South Africa.  ­So, combined with the contractarian view, there seem to be several causal relationships leading to states. January 16 2012 Key words: Measure/indicator, Procedural/substantive views, contestation/inclusion/polyarchy, hybrid regimes, authoritarian institutions, resource curse, modernization/survival, transition/consolidation. Conceptualization and...
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