Pay tax extraction get money to do all of the above

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Unformatted text preview: War making: Eliminate enemies outside.  ­State making: Eliminate enemies inside.  ­Protection: Eliminate the enemies of your clients.  Pay tax.  ­Extraction: Get money to do all of the above.  ­What differentiated European countries from African ones?  ­Lots of wars in Europe not so many in Africa.  ­African countries try not to fight (African union, they want the current order)  ­In order to survive constant power struggles, what did countries need?  ­money, taxation.  ­Capable administrative system (bureaucracy) and the sense of communal identity (nationalism).  ­By the 19th C European great powers dominated the world.  ­Africa only had a few inter ­state wars.  ­No stron...
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