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Institutionalization of the ccp rule coincided with

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Unformatted text preview: and his personal cult to exclude the ant ­Mao faction…. China By the 80’s China was such an unstable dictatorship! Only recently the country became somewhat institutionalised.  ­Institutionalization of the CCP rule coincided with the political reforms – village elections, legal reforms, etc  ­We know that some dictatorships are more likely to introduce seemingly democratic, “authoritarian institutions” Why?  ­They may be very good at controlling freedom that may not necessarily deter growth.  ­Search engines don’t show the results. . ­Rowen’s Conclusion: China will be a democracy by 2025. Don’t worry! Do nothing!  ­Pei’s conclusion: Corruption/por governance might stop growth and result in a political crisis. Democracy? Well. January 27 2012 Key words: same as before Religion and Democracy  ­Why there’s no stable democracy in Arab states?  ­What is his main conclusion in his the protestant ethic and the spirit...
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