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So i have to say huntington or other primordialist

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Unformatted text preview: of capitalism?  ­What is Huntington’s view about Muslims in his the clash of Civilizations?  ­So protestants should be democratic and Muslims should be dictatorial, according to these views.  ­Can you think of counter ­examples? What Braizat’s data say?  ­Every religion has doctrines that are good/bad for democracy, and every religion contains democracies/dictatorships.  ­So, I have to say Huntington or other “Primordialist” cultural arguments seem to be a bit biased.  ­So, going back to diamond, what is his argument?  ­70 ­90% of the export revenues come from oil in 11 out of the 16 arab states.  ­Why oil hinders democracy? –gov doesn’t have to use the citizens to make money.  ­And Western democracies have all the political/economical...
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