Efficacy that your voice can make a difference you

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Unformatted text preview: st better function of democracy: tolerance allows ppl to sit and be patient (gradual change rather than violent revolution) trust for ppl in the population and policy. Efficacy: that your voice can make a difference  you can hold the government accountable Collective action under supply of collective goods. I don’t want to make any contributions because its costly so I will let someone else do it. You don’t want to get killed in the street so you use internet media to gather many people so that you don’t get killed Large W over S u need to provide more provisions of public goods Small W over S maybe under supply Ships Condorcet’s Paradox Variety of democracies  ­Any decision making has the inherent problem in stability, fairness, and freedom.  ­Part 2 theme: political institutions in democracies  ­Parliamen...
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