Toeplitz matrix logical 1 true vandermode matrix

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Unformatted text preview: of all ones Pascal matrix Uniformly distributed pseudorandom numbers normally distributed random numbers 1- by- n matrix containing a random permutation of the specified integers Toeplitz matrix Logical 1 (true) Vandermode matrix Wilkinson’s eigenvalue test matrix Create array of all zeros Concatenate arrays along specified dimension Concatenate arrays horizontally Concatenate arrays vertically Indexing Access array elements Functions colon end ind2sub sub2ind Create vectors, array subscripting, and for- loop iterators Terminate block of code, or indicate last array index Subscripts from linear index Convert subscripts to linear indices Array Dimensions Determine array size or shape Functions: length Length of vector or largest array dimension ndims Number of array dimensions numel Number of array elements size Array dimensions height Number of table rows width N...
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