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Contents functions blkdiag construct block diagonal

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Unformatted text preview: umber of table variables iscolumn Determine whether input is column vector isempty Determine whether array is empty ismatrix Determine whether input is matrix isrow Determine whether input is row vector isscalar Determine whether input is scalar isvector Determine whether input is vector Sorting and Reshaping Arrays Sort, rotate, permute, reshape, or shift array contents Functions: blkdiag Construct block diagonal matrix from input arguments circshift Shift array circularly ctranspose Complex conjugate transpose diag Diagonal matrices and diagonals of matrix flip Flip order of elements flipdim Flip array along specified dimension fliplr Flip matrix left to right flipud Flip matrix up to down ipermute Inverse permute dimensions of N- D array permute Rearrange dimensions of N- D array repmat Replicate and tile array reshape Reshape array rot90 Rotate matrix 90 deg...
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