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plato assignment

plato assignment - food and drink and every sort of wealth...

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Kris Garcia POT 3013 2105198 1. World of forms that is transcendent in nature. - “But it is not profitable to be wretched; rather it is profitable to be happy” (Republic, 34). - “…injustice is never more profitable than justice” (Republic, 34). 2. We are born with ideas that exist before and after us. - “You know that natures that are good at learning, have memories, are shrewd and quick and everything else that goes along with these, qualities, and are as well full of youthful fire and magnificence…” (Republic, 183). 3. How do we understand ideas? - “….life doesn’t seem livable with the body’s nature corrupted, not even with the very sort of
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Unformatted text preview: food and drink and every sort of wealth and every sort of rule, will it then be livable when the nature of that very thing by which we live is confused and corrupted…” (Republic, 125) 4. The better structured society is, the more conducive it becomes to the pursuit of knowledge because Plato believes that ideas come from the top and filters down to the rest of the people.- “…no city holds it in honor; it is feebly sought due to its difficulty. And those who seek for it need a supervisor, without whom they would not find it” (Republic, 207)....
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