Chapter 9 thought, language, and intelligence

Competence is a characteristic of the person is

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Unformatted text preview: auses us to base judgments and decisions on the availability of information in memory Psych 1000 My Notes Page 73 memory - If something is at the forefront of our memories, it is readily applied, but we may exaggerate the likelihood that it could occur Eg. 9/11 made people scared to fly and made businesses afraid to rent landmark office spaces Confirmation Bias - The tendency to look for evidence that could confirm their beliefs rather than looking for evidence that could disconfirm them - Eg. Card problem pg. 9.18 - People tend to recall feedback from others that confirms their beliefs about themselves Intelligence - Intelligence is a concept, or construct, that refers to the ability to acquire knowledge, to think and reason effectively, and to deal adaptively with the environment IntelligenceinHistoricalPerspective - Francis Galton's work grew out of a purely scientific desire to extend Darwin's theory of evolution to the inheritance of mental abilities - Alfred Binet's concern was the practical one of finding a means to identify "mentally defective" children who would be unable to profit from normal educational experiences Galton: Quantifying Mental Ability - Galton showed through family trees that eminence and genius seemed to occur across generations within certain families - He tried to demonstrate a biological basis for eminence by showing that people who were more socially and occupationally successful would also perform better on a variety thought measurements - His worked was generally incorrect Alfred Binet's Mental Tests - Commissioned by French's Ministry of Education to develop the a intelligence test Some children couldn't benefit from normal education and educators wanted to identify these children as early as possible so that special education could be arranged for them - Made 2 assumptions about intelligence Intelligence increases with age The rate a which people gain mental competence is a characteristic of the person is fairly constant over time - Asked teachers about what children should be able to do a different ages Children were tested for their mental age Eg. 8 year old with a 10 year old's problem solving skil...
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