Chapter 9 thought, language, and intelligence

Construct a test one needs to decide which specific

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Unformatted text preview: ls has the mental age of 10 - German psychologist William Stern created a relative score for intelligence called Stern's Intelligence Coefficient (IQ) - IQ = (mental age/chronological age) x 100 - There are problems with IQ tests Increase in mental age slows down dramatically at about age 16 A 40 year old cannot be expected to have twice the level of mental skill of a 20 year old In advanced ages, a decline starts to occur James Flynn has discovered that there is a rising curve in intelligence and people are progressively getting smarter - Today's IQ is known as Deviation IQ and represents how much standardized distance Psych 1000 My Notes Page 74 - Today's IQ is known as Deviation IQ and represents how much standardized distance a score is above or below the mean for that particular sample TheStanford ­BinetandWechslerScales - Lewis Terman translated Binet's tests into English and added items that were relevant to American culture Became known as the Stanford ­Binet test - A major competitor came in the form of the Wechsler Scales Believed that intelligence should be measured as a distinct set of verbal and nonverbal skills - Wechsler scales fall into two classes: Verbal Tests and Performance Tests GroupTestsofAptitudeandAchievement - Group tests of intelligence can be used to obtain IQ scores from groups of people at the same time Eg. Lorge ­Thorndike Intelligence Test and the Otis Lennon School Ability Test - Other tests are measurements of specific mental skills Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Graduate Record Examination - Should tests be measured for how a much a person already knows or his/her potential for learning? Achievement test vs Aptitude Test Argument is that achievement test is a good predictor of future performance in a similar situation Counter argument is that not everyone has a had a an equal opportunity to learn However, it is difficult to construct a test that is independent of previous learning - Most intelligence tests today measure both achievement and aptitude ScientificStandardsforPsychologicalTests - A psychological test is a method for measuring individual differences related to some psycholog...
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