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Chapter 9 thought, language, and intelligence

Socialization as they grow up eg more men play sports

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Unformatted text preview: components, and knowledge acquisition components - Metacomponents are the higher order processes used to plan and regulate task performance Include problem solving skills such as identifying problems, formulating hypotheses and strategies, testing them logically, and evaluating performance feedback Intelligent people spend more time framing problems and developing strategies than less intelligent people - Performance Components are the actual mental processes used to perform the task Psych 1000 My Notes Page 77 - Performance Components are the actual mental processes used to perform the task Retrieving appropriate memories, making responses - Knowledge acquisition components allow us to learn from experience by storing information in memory and combining new insight with previously acquired information - Environmental demands call for three different manifestations of intelligence 1. Analytical intelligence involves the kinds of academically oriented problem solving skills assessed by traditional intelligence tests 2. Practical intelligence refers to the skills needed to cope with everyday demands and to manage oneself and other people more effectively 3. Creative intelligence is the mental skills needed to deal adaptively wi...
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