chapter 8 memory

Cortex those with better retrospective memory does

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Unformatted text preview: nce theory, we forget information because other items in the long term memory impairs our ability to retrieve it - Proactive interference occurs when material learned in the past interferes with recall of newer material Eg. If you change your phone number, your old number interferes your ability to memorize the new one - Retroactive Interference occurs when newly acquired information interferes with the ability to recall information learned at an earlier time Eg. If you finally remember your new number and was asked what your old number was, you may not remember it because your new number interferes with recalling the old number - The more similar two sets of information are, the more likely that interference will occur - Tip of the tongue (TOT) phenomenon is when we cannot recall a fact, but feeling that we are on the verge of recalling it Occurs about once a week Psych 1000 My Notes Page 65 Occurs about once a week Sometimes they are illusions, we think we know the correct answer when we really don't Motivated Forgetting - Motivational processes, such as repression may protect us by blocking the recall of anxiety arousing memories Eg. Sometimes a thought is so shocking and anxiety arousing that one would feel the need to repress it Amnesia - Retrograde amnesia represents memory loss for events that occurred prior to the onset of amnesia Eg. After getting hit in football, you have trouble remembering why you were in the hospital - Anterograde Amnesia refers to memory loss for events that occur after the initial onset of amnesia After H.M's operation, he cannot consciously form new long term memories - Infantile amnesia is the loss of early experiences in childhood This does not mean that infants do not form long term memories They can remember their mother's voice and that certain behavior produce rewards This is possibly caused by the fact that the mechanism for encoding long term memories are still immature in the first years after birth Additionally, they do not have a personal frame of reference to organize their memories ForgettingtoDoThings:ProspectiveMemory - Prospective memory concerns remembering to perform an activity in the future Involves the prefrontal cortex - Those with better retrospective memory does not necessarily have good prospective memories - Studies support that we become increasingly absentminded about remembering to do things as get older Older adults typically have poorer prospective memory MemoryasaConstructiveProcess - Memories are usually incomplete and sketchy - We construct a memory from bits of stored information in a way that makes sense to us Me...
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