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chapter 5 Sensation & Perception

Damage to the eardrum or the midear nerve deafness is

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Unformatted text preview: a (liquid filled tube)  ­> basilar membrane (runs the length of the cochlea)  ­> organs of Corti rests on top of the basilar membrane that has tiny hairs that are sound receptors  ­> neurons  ­> thalamus  ­> auditory cortex in the temporal lobe - The hammer, anvil, and stirrup causes the oval window to vibrate, which causes the fluid in the cochlea to vibrate, and vibrates the organs of Corti The hair bending sends nerve signals CodingofPitchandLoudness - Louder = more hair bending = more neurotransmitters = higher rate of firing Some receptor neurons have higher thresholds than others and will only fire when considerable bending occurs - 2 different processes for pitch; one for above 1000Hz an one for below - 2 historic theories of sound - Frequency theory: nerve impulses sent to the brain matches the frequency of the wave Eg. 30Hz = 30 neuron firings per second Max neuron firing speed is 1000 times, so how do we hear sounds above 1000Hz? - Place theory: the fluid in the cochlea peaks at different places This is causes different hairs to vibrate which is a cue to the brain of different Psych 1000 My Notes Page 32 This is causes different hairs to vibrate which is a cue to the brain of different frequencies SoundLocalization - Our nervous system uses the time and intensity difference between the two ears to locate the source of the sounds in space Eg. Sound straight ahead is receive at the same time with the same intensity and is perceived as straight in front HearingLoss - 90% of people with hearing problems are born with normal ear functions - Conduction deafness is caused by problems problems involving the mechanical system that transmits sound waves to the cochlea Eg. Damage to the eardrum, or the midear - Nerve...
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