chapter 5 Sensation & Perception

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Unformatted text preview: deafness is caused by damaged receptors within the inner ear or the auditory nerve Caused by aging, disease, and exposure to loud sounds over time Loud sounds cause the hairs on the basilar membrane to fall off at a particular point of the basilar membrane TasteandSmell:TheChemicalSenses - Gustation (taste) and olfaction (smell) are chemical senses Gustation:Thesenseoftaste - Can only taste sweet, sour, bitter, and salty - Other taste experiences affected by smell, temperature, and touch - Taste buds are chemical receptors and are concentrated along the edges and back of tongue Hairs project from the taste bud that leads into the taste pore Substances interact with saliva to form a solution that flow into the taste pore and stimulate flavor Olfaction:TheSenseofSmell - People who lose other senses have highly developed olfactory sense Helen Keller can smell people's odors and distinguish them - Most popular current smell theory is that different receptors respond to different smells and do not recombine such as vision - Some researchers believe that pheromones, chemical signals found in natural body scents, may affect human behavior in subtle ways - Menstrual synchrony, tendency for women who live together or are close friends to become more similar in their menstrual cycle An experiment in which women to daubed with another female's underarm secretions resulted in their menstrual cycle become closer together, while the one daubed with a placebo did not have a similar effect TheSkinandBodySenses - Includes sense of touch, kinesthesis (muscle movement), and equilibrium TactileSenses - A lack of tactile contact with a caretaking adult retards, physical, social, and emotional development - Humans are sensitive to pressure, pain, warmth, and cold - The skin is the largest organ in the body -...
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