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chapter 5 Sensation & Perception

Friendly even if they attended the same lecture

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Unformatted text preview: nizationandStructure - How do we see distinct objects when only different light waves are sent to our retina? - Dr. Richards had brain damage and can no longer perceive objects as wholes; he sees people as separate moving parts and not a complete person; can't match mouth movement and voice GestaltPrinciplesofPerceptualOrganization - The whole parts of what we perceive are more than the sum of its parts - In figure ground relations, we organized stimuli into a central or foreground figure and a background Eg. We perceive an apple with its distinct shape and color to be the foreground; melody of the music (foreground) and harmony (background) - Gestalt psychologist claim that people can associate separate stimuli as a larger whole follow the four Gestalt laws of perceptual organization: similarity, proximity, closure, and continuity Similarity: objects considered similar will be grouped together Psych 1000 My Notes Page 34 Similarity: objects considered similar will be grouped together Proximity: elements close to each other are likely to be perceived as a part of the same configuration Law of closure: people complete open edges and fill gaps so that an incomplete figure appears more complete Continuity: people tend to combine elements that continues better into one another PerceptionInvolvesHypothesisTesting - Perceptual schema: recognition means that we have a perceptual schema (mental representation) to compare it with Eg. We can identify people by their voices which brings out our inner presentation of that person - Perception is an attempt to make the most sense of the stimulus input - Sometimes your nervous system will have multiple perceptual schemas for a single stimulus and it will shift back and forth (Necker cube 5.31b) PerceptionisInfluencedbyExpectations:PerceptualSets - USS Viecenne attacked an airplane that they thought was a fighter jet from Iranian gunboats; however it was a commercial airplane; even though sophisticated radar equipment clearly indicated that it was not a fighter jet - Psychological environment could have...
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