chapter 5 Sensation & Perception

Hearing every 10 increase in db is a tenfold increase

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Unformatted text preview: d to the thalamus which routes the signal to the primary visual cortex in the occipital lobe - There is an area specific correspondence between parts of the retina and the neurons in the occipital lobe Fovea, where there are lots of cones, has a disproportionately large neuron area in the brain - Some neurons are called feature detectors and they fire selectively in response to stimuli that have specific characteristics - Neurons fire most frequently when lines of a certain orientation are presented Eg. Some to horizontal ones, some to 30 degrees, and it goes 360 degrees - Other feature detectors respond to different colors Seeing an array of different colors allows you to parallel process the information; where different features are process separately at the same time to give you an unified view of its properties Visual Association Processes - Analyzed and recombined information is sent to visual association cortex It combines the information with our knowledge and memories to give the object meaning Audition - Audio is in the formed of sound waves, where molecules go through phases of compression and expansion - Frequency is the number of sound waves per second Hertz (Hz) Humans can detect 20Hz to 20000Hz - Amplitude: vertical size of the waves; the amount of compression and expansion; how loud Decibels (db), measure of physical pressure on eardrums 0 is the absolute threshold for hearing Every 10 increase in db is a tenfold increase in volume AuditoryTransduction:Frompressurewavestonerveimpulses - Sound waves  ­> vibrates eardrum  ­> mid ear, which houses 3 bones called the hammer, anvil, and stirrup that amplifies the sound waves more than 30 times  ­> oval window (division to the inner ear)  ­> cochle...
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