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World System Today - Fukuyama, Huntington, Mahbubani

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Unformatted text preview: e thesis – All industrial and post­industrial societies face the same challenges and requirements. If successful they will necessarily look much alike • Invariance thesis – All societies provide identity to individuals within them and cannot be varied easily. Why Huntington’s “clash”? Why Huntington • Differences are profound (invariance) • Interactions intensify (globalization) • Local identity weakens (globalization) • Compromise difficult (invariance) • Economic regionalization (reaction to globalization) Current situation Current situation • Western predominance, which promotes ­ • “The West versus the rest” • ‘Torn’ countries (e.g., Turkey) • Confucian­Islamic links (North Korea and Iran/Syria) Huntington’s ‘Civilizations’ Huntington ‘Torn Countries’ Ukraine Implications for Global Economy Implications for Global Economy • Rivalry between regional blocs Implications for war Implications for war • Wars likely at ‘civilizational’ boundaries • Anti­western coalitions • West’s ability to deal rising powers Basic Critiques of Huntington Basic Critiques of Huntington • What is a ‘civilization?’ Do they mix? • Wars within civilizations • Wars within countries • Somewhat xenophobic Today’s Discourse Today • Western • Rational­secular • Male­assertive • Based on ‘Enlightenment’ ideals “China’s President Lashes Out at Western Culture” New York Times, 4 Jan 2012 • “hostile forces are … westernizing and dividing China” • we must “remain vigilant…and respond” • [Lady Gaga popularity] President Hu Jintao • Confucius Institutes The Case Against the West The Case Against the West Kishore Mahbubani Overall Critique Overall Critique • West, once a source of global solutions, now a source of global problems • West clings to privileged positions in global forums • West is bound to short­term solutions The Middle East Mess The Middle East Mess • Continuing alienation of Muslims • ‘Illegal’ invasion of Iraq • US refusal to insist on Palestinian state Nuclear Non­proliferation Nuclear Non­proliferation • US and USSR ‘vertical’ proliferation • US undermining of UN undermines respect for all treaties, including NPT • Ignoring of Israel’s nuclear arse...
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