prelim 1.1 with comments

prelim 1.1 with comments - I decided to focus my close...

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I decided to focus my close reading on the imagery of eyes and began with the lofty goal of attempting to identify the owner of the eyes staring out onto the dark fire belching dystopia that was Los Angeles at the beginning of the movie. However, as I continued to watch the movie, I realized that a large number of characters have similarly colored eyes. I attempted to cross reference this with the fact that the color of the surrounding skin and eye lashes seem to suggest someone with lighter skin and darker hair. However, we again run into another problem if we take into account that many blond individuals have darker facial hair. This leaves us with quite a few possibilities: Leon, Deckard, Holden, Roy, Zhora, Pris, and even J. F. Sebastian. Rather than further cross referencing these characters with the shape of the eye presented, I decided to settle on the conclusion that the owner of the eye is not meant to be known, and instead the eye itself serves as a symbol. One possibility is that this eye represents our eye, the viewer’s eye, through which we experience this movie. Another is that it reflects the views of certain characters in the movie and how they see the
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prelim 1.1 with comments - I decided to focus my close...

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