1151 Exam 3 Review


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Unformatted text preview: r and over, and your estimate keeps getting closer and closer. First, you choose an estimate for the root as close as possible to the real answer. Then you just keep plugging your next answer into the formula: xn 1 xn f ( xn ) f '( xn ) 9. Anti‐Derivatives: Taking an anti‐derivative is undoing the derivative. There are lots of formulas to memorize for this. cf ( x)dx c f ( x)dx f ( x) g ( x)dx f ( x)dx g ( x)dx C e adx ax C (ax) dx n n1 1 ( ax ) a n 1 dx x ln x C sin ax dx 1 a cos ax C cos ax dx csc (ax) 1 a cot(ax) C sec(ax) tan(ax) dx 2 a 2 dx 1 x arctan C x2 a a dx a2 x2 1 a du 1 e x C a sec (ax) dx sin ax C 1 a...
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